🎅🏻Santa Visits Tranquility🎅🏻

Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and some of their elves visited Tranquility Park last Sunday.

Elves Beth and Ava were there uto supervise the cookie decorating table.

Even Mrs. Claus beautifully decorated cookies to share with Santa!

Chief Elf Randy, master craftsman and supervisor of Santa’s woodworking shop, made about 45 wooden Christmas trees and bases and spraypainted some green and some white. Assistant woodworker Elf Ray helped the children assemble the Christmas trees, teaching each child how to screw a bottom base to a tree. All 45 of the green trees and bases were assembled.

Was this Santa’s way of training prospective elves for his North Pole workshop?

🎅🏻Many thanks to the Barstow Family for bringing this event to our community.🎅🏻